First blog post ever! A bit about Lisbon.

I have to be honest with you this is the first blog post I have ever written so please bare with me.

For a long time I have wanted to write a blog, just a bit,  just some rambles about my life and travel. 

I think I was afraid for so long. Afraid if no one wanted to read it, I mean why should they really. I'm just ordinary me. Danish girl living abroad, but I mean really there is thousand of us right. 

Anyways what I really wanted to talk about takes us back to December where my husband and I had a small getaway to Lisbon.

It all started with us being married for 12 1/2 years. In Denmark that's something to celebrate and its called Kobber wedding. To me it's rather strange to be honest as you are so use to acknowledge the day you got married and sudenly from that being in the summer we had to find something to do in December.

We decided to escape the grey busy time in London and take a trip just the two of us. Don't get me wrong now, I love spending time with my kids but I also treasure time with my husband spend just the two of us. I feel it's so important to keep being boyfriend and girlfriend even after being married for over 10 years. Everyone who has kids will know how easy it is to slip into a routine and become workbuddies to get everyone through the week. 

So I was looking forward to uninterupted conversations, sleeping in, shopping and eating what we wanted when we wanted it. Who could have imagined before kids that those were the biggest desires......

Back to Lisbon. We arrived late with BA and went directly to the restaurant we had booked. The flight was a bit delayed and we couldn't make it to the hotel before our reservation, so there we went with luggage an all.

On anther note there is something you should know about my husband and the way we travel. It's all in or nothing when it comes to eating when abroad. We never eat bad and it has always been recharged in advance. This could actually fill up a blog by it self but just to give you one example. Last April when we went to Thailand and Cambodia "a restaurant" had been booked in Bangkok 9 month in advance. This was obviously because of waiting list, some important stars etc. Yes we don't go easy on food in the family. So now that you are prepared back to Lisbon.

The restaurant we went to the first night was recommended by our Portuguese friends and called Sea Me. Very casual and super busy so book in advance (of cause my husband had!) Simple but delisious seafood.

After being well looked after, we rolled to the hote we were saying at for the next two days. Getting older and probably more fussy about some things, hotels are important to me and I'm too old to stay in crap places. Sorry then it's said, the rat is out. I'm a hotel snob. I use to not care about it because you spend so little time in the hotel anyways, well that time is long gone I'm afraid. My time is too precious. 

The hotel we booked was a little hotel called Hotel Valverde Lisboa. From the minute we entered the door we felt pampered and enjoyed every minute being there. 

Day 2 we explored the city on foot (and a bit on electric scooter, which you pay per minute and can leave everywhere. Brilliant concept called Lime). We walked, ate, shopped and ate some more. The city has the coolest vibes, nice people, amazing light and the best cocktails I've had in a very long time. Seems like forever though doing dry January!!! In the evening we ended up in a restaurant again recommended by our friends called Bistro 100 Maneiras. Excellent food, even better drinks, great staff and overall good vibes. For sure recomendable.

It was a short stay and we are longing for more so we will be back but we will bring the kids next time.

See you later Lisbon.



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